MAZDA6 News Archive

  1. 2018

    1. September

    2. January

      • Mazda, along with pretty much every other automaker, has announced another batch of recall expansions for Takata inflators.

        The automaker is calling back 71,000 Mazda6, CX-7, CX-9, RX-8,...

  2. 2017

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  3. 2016

    1. November

      • Here’s a very specific recall. If you bought a 2017 Mazda6 and you bought the optional fog lights kit then you need to bring your car in for service. That’s because your turn signals might not t...

    2. September

    3. August

      • Mazda is extending the warranty on their shiny, melting dashboards.

        [vehicles] exposed to severe environmental conditions including high ambient temperature and humidity, the material us...

    4. May

      • Mazda is in the midst of another big Takata recall, this time bringing back 731,628 vehicles in different areas of the country. has the details:

        “The first recall has m...

    5. January

  4. 2014

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