1. Valve Stem Corrosion and TPMS Warnings

    Mazda owners are experiencing warning lights, valve stem corrosions, and sudden tire blowouts that can all be traced to issues with the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Law firms are currently gathering information about potential cl…

    Continue reading article "Valve Stem Corrosion and TPMS Warnings" Corroded Mazda valve stem
  2. Mazda Clutch Failure and Warranty Problems

    Mazda has been known to dodge warranty claims on their allegedly defective clutch systems. So much for that 'bumper-to-bumper' guarantee. A lawsuit has been filed by owners tired of replacing their clutch early and often and while Mazda tri…

    Continue reading article "Mazda Clutch Failure and Warranty Problems" Disassembled clutch with a skull and cross bones
  3. CX-9 Brake Booster Failure

    CX-9 owners are worried about increased stopping distances with brake pedals that feel spongy (and unsafe) or really hard to push (and unsafe). I bet you're sensing a theme here. NHTSA was looking at the issue but closed their investigation…

    Continue reading article "CX-9 Brake Booster Failure" CX-9 brake pedal replaced with a sponge

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