Mazda6 Included in an Ongoing Continental Airbag Recall

Continental airbag problems have spread to the Mazda6. The airbag’s power supply circuit wasn’t properly protected from moisture, allowing swelling and corrosion. Eventually a warning light will come on and the airbag won’t deploy in a crash.

Mazda is 42,000 cars from the 2009 and 2010 model years.

A Quick Continental Airbag Timeline

  • 2008: Continental received an airbag control unit from a Daimler vehicle after the owner complained of a constant warning light. An investigation found the coating issue around the power supply unit.
  • 2011: Continental determined the problem was in both Daimler and Chrysler vehicles.
  • March 2013: A service campaign was started for vehicles outside the USA.
  • April 2015: Honda asked Continental to look at a faulty airbag from a 2008 Accord.
  • August 2015: NHTSA opened an investigation.
  • October 2015: Mercedes-Benz ordered a Continental airbag recall.
  • February 2016: Honda ordered a Continental airbag recall for the Accord.

Now it’s Mazda’s turn, although there’s a backlog of vehicles waiting for parts. The recalled Mazda6 cars were built between February 4, 2008, and December 3, 2009.