Shiny, Melting Dashboards Prompt Lawsuit

Mama always said “don’t look directly at a Mazda dashboard” … or was that the sun? Same difference according to a recent lawsuit that says:

  • Mazda dashboards are highly reflective; it’s like trying to drive through a disco ball factory.
  • Mazda dashboards melt under direct sun and become sticky to the touch. Imagine your dashboard was made of chocolate … mmm, chocolate.
  • Mazda has known about the defect for years but likes to put the blame on owners. My favorite excuse? You must have had a chemical spill on the dash. Classic.

The lawsuit covers the 2009-11 Mazda3 and Mazda6 and seeks to have Mazda cover the cost of dashboard repairs and replacements. has more information including how to get in touch with the lawyers representing the plaintiffs in this case.