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      • You don’t often hear of an automaker making two separate recalls for gas tank fires in the same day, but Mazda is here to show you anything is possible.

        The automaker says some 2014-2016...

    2. September

      • Heads up, Mazda owners! The automaker just announced a recall of 2.2 million vehicles with rear hatches that can come crashing down.

        “Mazda says the vehicles don’t have enough of a corro...

    3. August

      • Mazda is extending the warranty on their shiny, melting dashboards.

        [vehicles] exposed to severe environmental conditions including high ambient temperature and humidity, the material us...

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      • Mama always said “don’t look directly at a Mazda dashboard” … or was that the sun? Same difference according to a recent lawsuit that says:

        Mazda dashboards are highly reflective; it’s l...

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