Some Mazda3 Vehicles Are So Unsafe, Mazda Says to Stop Driving Them

The new Mazda3 is unsafe to drive, unsafe to sell and possibly even unsafe to look at.

OK, well … that last one is a stretch, but Mazda is so concerned about a fire risk that they are telling owners to park their cars and dealers to stop selling them immediately. Yikes – so what’s the deal?

The cars have a defect in the gas shut-off valve that can allow fuel to enter a charcoal emissions canister. Once too much fuel enters that canister, it can leak out. Anytime there’s a fuel leak near a heat source the chances of your car turning into a Mazdakabob is greatly increased.

  • The recalled cars include any 2015-16 Mazda3 built between May 21, 2015 and August 24, 2015. That’s roughly 19,000 cars.
  • The recall is expected to begin sometime in October 2015. Owners are being asked to call Mazda to arrange a tow to the dealership and to schedule a rental vehicle.
  • Dealers will inspect the car’s fuel shut-off valve and replace it if needed.

Once again, owners are being told not to drive their cars and to instead call Mazda to arrange a tow and a rental car if needed.