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CX-5 Fuel Filler Pipes Can Bust Open in a Rear Impact Crash

A rear-impact crash is enough to ruin anyone’s day, but certain 2014-2016 CX-5 owners are facing a potential nightmare. Over 264,000 CUVs have fuel filler pipes that may bust open in a rear-collision, and with sparks flying this is a perfect recipe for starting a fire.

Mazda says it’s unaware of any CX-5 accidents or injuries related to the defect, but the automaker says the problem is a serious concern. Therefore, until repairs are made to the fuel system, dealers will offer a free loaner, demo or rental vehicle to CX-5 owners.

Mazda is recalling the CX-5 but they don’t have a clue how they’ll fix the problem. They have until March 1, 2016 to figure it out (that’s when the recall is expected to begin).

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