Power Steering Failure Recall for 33,000 Tribute SUVs

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Mazda is recalling 33,000 Mazda Tribute SUVs for a problem that could disable the electric power steering. Authorized dealers will need to either update the power steering control module's software or replace the module entirely, starting in July.

The 2008-11 Mazda Tribute is susceptible to losing its power steering because of problems in its torque sensor. Without that steering assistance, your car becomes as hard to steer at slow speeds as an old Cadillac through mud -- take it from me, it's not fun.

Mazda blames the problem on some defective software inside the power steering control module. The recall will involve updating that module's software or, if needed, replacing it entirely. Mazda expects this all to start in July.

In the meantime, concerned owners can contact them at 248-295-7895 and reference recall number 7614E. In the other meantime, do whatever it is one does with mean time.

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