Mazda News in 2014

  1. 2014

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      • Mazda is recalling 33,000 Mazda Tribute SUVs for a problem that could disable the electric power steering. Authorized dealers will need to either update the power steering control module’s softw...

    7. May

    8. April

      • Let’s face it, car problems are annoying. Have you ever slammed the car door out of frustration? I certainly have. And while it seemed like a good idea at the time, it solved exactly zero issues...

      • The power control module (PCM) in some of Mazda’s newer cars is making some poor assumptions, prompting a recall. Apparently driving in heavy rain or puddles can cause the alternator belt to sli...

      • Corrosion in the lower control arm is prompting a recall of 109,000 Tribute SUVs from the 2001-2004 model years. The corrosion can cause the control arms to fracture which – as the name implies ...